Friday, 6 June 2014

Way enlarge the buttocks!!!

Therefore this Exercise effective coverage of the source of the muscle and the ramifications on the thigh. easy way and is continuing under such reported Bacon difficult door Yesand must adhere to the right way so as to avoid complications which image of a muscle strain temporary We come now to the way a faithfully wonderful and tried and effect effectively very muscles butt and strengthens muscles butt and give the size and shape terrible for a woman's body!!
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Form a coordinated and aesthetic of a woman's body!! 

Exercises to enlarge buttocks (rear)

1 - Scientific method correct one - must be hands and knees on the ground

2 - Relax the shoulder and back so have put the neck is an extension of the body without tightening the neck and without lifting the head tacky.

3 - raising the knee rotates to operate exercises to one side after the completion of the count is supposed to begin exercises in the other the same number.

4 - In each exercise should make sure to raise the knee 90 degree list with the length of the body.

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