Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Linda Allen-Giving birth healthy

When I went into labor, giving birth proceeded without any complications. I was born a healthy baby girl, had over three pounds and measured 56 cm. It was my little miracle.

For about a week I was lying in bed, her daughter, I saw only when I brought her to breastfeed. After a week I first got out of bed.

Suddenly he became another miracle. I started to walk almost normally!

Doctors did not understand how this is possible. A fortnight later I left the hospital after his daughter in his arms. And yet no one told me what I was, and how is it that I suddenly healed.

I run like I was twenty
I am now 52 years old and I've never had any health problems. I run like I was still twenty. My little girl has grown up in a healthy child, now a college student and we are all happy.

Baby, what I had to get a wheelchair and at worst kill me, me, on the contrary saved.
Dear readers, article is part of a cycle My battle with the disease.

The series writing you, our readers. We would regularly bring your stories about how you deal or have had to cope with various diseases in you or your loved ones.

Their stories should be sent The most interesting publish a reward amount of 500 CZK. We think your stories can help people in a similar situation

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