Monday, 2 June 2014

Pregnancy at a young age can seriously puzzle expectant parents

Pregnancy at a young age can seriously puzzle expectant parents and their parents too. This is not surprising, because early pregnancy poses a number of challenges:
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•    Late-term abortions;

•    Transient hormonal balance in a woman's body;

•    Neuroregulation unsteady;

•    "Substandard" immature ovum;

•    Anemia;

•    Placental insufficiency;

•    Increases the likelihood of polyhydramnios;

•    Increased risk of miscarriage, premature birth;

•    Increased likelihood of complications during childbirth;

•    Increased risk of mortality mothers;

•    Increased risk of problems with the newborn;

•    Low weight of the newborn;

•    Weak labor;

•    Obesity, excess weight in the future - especially if there was some more labor at a young age;
•    Prolonged exposure to early birth on the body of a young mother: 2-fold increased risk of developing cancer of the uterus, 3 times - the risk of cardiovascular diseases;

•    Acceleration of somatic maturation;

•    Psychological unpreparedness for maternity, paternity;

•    Late referral to a doctor;

•    Difficulties in interpersonal relationships between the prospective parents or absence of these relations;

•    Difficulties with educational and professional solvency;

•    Problems with social adjustment in the role of mothers, including stigma, etc.
Medically, 2 years after the establishment of menarche, the girl can perform more quietly reproductive function. Famous Qoute Here Www.Health.Producrate.Com
Quite often, for delivery in the young moms uses cesarean section. Despite all the risks, humane doctors insist on the continuation of early pregnancy abortion instead.

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