Friday, 6 June 2014

Sports AreImportant For Agility

Disadvantages: allows jogging for an hour to burn 900 calories, but he cannot practice this sport if you're not accustomed to it because you may yourself, so it's best that you will begin their practice during the twenty minutes twice or three times a week in the first month, that walking at the same time, then you can abandon your exercise walking and you will begin within ten minutes and increase his pace in jogging gradually.

Jogging Benefits Are In the exercise of jogging? Here are the many benefits resulting from the exercise: - After the passage of minutes and jogging, the body begins to secrete adrenaline and metabolism become more active to burn sugars. As the heart pumps 10 liters to 15 liters of blood per minute, rising body temperature two degrees approx.

- and after 10 minutes of running, up heart palpitations to 70 or 85 percent of its power maximum, and reaches the blood strongly to the face, making it red.

After 30 minutes of jogging, the body gets rid of toxins through the sweat secretion. It also shrinks the muscle fibers and up more blood to the brain, which releases endorphins any hormones well-being that allows us to resist the effort.

- In the fifth minute and forty the body has consumed 70 liters of oxygen and burn 270 to 360 calories, but do not forget the need sports shoes appropriate to absorb the shocks caused by the friction of the feet to the ground.

- Take a shower refreshing after 10 minutes from the end of the run and do not try to never eat foods rich in sugars.
Goals follow these instructions five to make your goals more attainable:
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1 - Let your goal something you would like it really is.

2 - Make sure the possibility of measuring your progress.

3 - Commit action plan.

4 - Conceptual yourself at the end of the mission.

5 - Connie perseverance do not give up at all.

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