Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How to protect your feet

Protect your feet. Do you know what harms them?

Every day they're standing, walking or do you run, are the foundation of posture and movement, but if you just do not wash it or it does not relieve the hard skin, do not pay much attention to them. We are talking about your feet.

Foot pain sometimes affects each of us. The feet definitely hurt us more than necessary knees, hips or Achilles, foot pain, yet many of us underestimate and often not addressed.

Feet pampered
Use creams for feet that regenerate and care for the drying and cracking of skin. At the same time refreshes tired feet.
Preparations can be found
Feet with more than 26 bones and hundreds of muscles play an enormous role in our everyday health. Dr. Jordan Matzo, from "Hospital for Special Surgery" in New York and author of the book

"The Cure exercise" in an article for server womenshealthmagcom advice on how to protect the health of the feet.

Wrong you run
You might think that running is not rocket science, but incorrect running technique and the position of the feet can not only harm your feet.

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