Thursday, 5 June 2014

Linda Allen-Doing analyzes necessary

- The doctor may ask a specialist from the pregnant mother work of some of the necessary tests, and these tests:

- Analysis of blood: to make sure that there is no poverty blood, as well as an analysis of rh If the factor rh negative when the pregnant mother must work analyzing the blood for the pair If negative like a mother there is no problem, but if it was positive should the mother took the syringe immediately after birth to protect the next pregnancy of damage. -

Urinalysis: to check the kidneys and make sure that there are no salts or pus needs treatment, preferably repeat urinalysis each visit to the doctor to check the absence of albumin in the urine.

- Analysis of sugar in the blood that were fasting or this in the fifth month of pregnancy.
Medication order of specialist doctor:

- advised to avoid using any medications during pregnancy without medical advice from a doctor supervisor of pregnancy, and if the pregnant mother used drugs before pregnancy occurs for the treatment of a disease should consult a physician Is there a need to change the medication and whether this drug effect on the pregnancy or not!.

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